After many years of working as a professional writer and editor in a wide range of science, business and education areas, I embraced the other kind of interpretation and translation forever in my life: visual arts. Today, art-making of an abstract/contemporary nature has my full attention.

Where I once relied on written text to get ideas across, I now use paint, mixed media, collage and elements of photography to do my conveying. Treating units of communication (think letters, words, symbols) as visual objects is a particular interest, as is turning text passages into paragraph-like visual translations.

Home is southern Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada.

Select Education and Skills Development

Mentorship program (8 mon), Arc.Hive Gallery, Victoria BC (Connie Michele Morey)

Courses, Vancouver Island School of Art, Victoria BC (since 2005): abstract colour and form, collage and composition, colour theory, design principles, painting series, painting (landscape, figure, still life, portrait)

Workshops, Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts (since 2003): abstraction, 3-D assemblage sculpture, contemporary painting, process to series, hot glass sandcasting

Workshops, Vancouver Island Art Workshops (since 2006): abstract mixed media, abstract painting, abstract design, abstract design masterclass

Photojournalism course, Western Academy of Photography, Victoria BC (Ted Grant)

MA, University of Victoria, BC; BA (Honours), Concordia University, Montreal QC


  • Art Critique Program with Sara Robichaud, contemporary artist
  • CoLABorate Art Crit group, Victoria BC
  • Cowichan Valley Arts Council
  • Victoria Arts Council
  • Zebra Art Collective, Victoria BC


  • July 2020: Summer Show, Victoria Arts Council, VAC Gallery, Victoria BC
  • May 2020: 50th Annual Fine Arts Show, Cowichan Valley Arts Council, Duncan BC (awarded Honourable Mention)
  • April 2020: UNTIL online gallery (Issue 4), Victoria Arts Council, Victoria BC
  • [April 2020: Interlude, group show, Arc.Hive Gallery, Victoria BC; cancelled by COVID-19 a few weeks before opening]
  • Feb 2020: All You Need Is Love, group show, Cowichan Valley Arts Council, Duncan BC
  • Nov 2019: In Light of Winter, Zebra Art Collective group show, Chapel Gallery, Victoria BC