After a long career as a professional writer and editor working in a wide range of science and social subjects, I embraced the other kind of interpretation and translation forever in my life: visual arts. Today, art-making has my full attention.

Where I once relied on text to get ideas across, I now use paint, mixed media, collage and elements of photography to do my conveying–though the magic and quirks of spoken and written language are never far from my mind.

Words and expressions, poetic lines and punch lines, facts and fancies: all this grist occupies my thoughts and pilots my imagination.

I’ve spent many years taking art courses and workshops, being active in several art collectives, and studying independently. After some early messing about in various mediums–among them photography, glass (stained; hot), assemblage and encaustic–I’m now largely settled on abstract, two-dimensional work on canvas, paper and panel.

Home is southern Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada.