Crazed Light/Glass Reveals

Since 2015, I’ve been creating highly abstracted artworks by photographing light passing through a single object of warped glass. (The warping makes the light reflect and refract in patterns that physicists call caustic optics.) I use the crazed light as if it were paint, and the unique pieces that result blur the line between painting and photography and between reality and imagination.

For this process, I don’t set up any thing or subject to photograph. Instead, I work to unpack what a second of intercepted light might reveal to me: a figure, a landscape, botanical (or is it cosmic?) material, a memory, an emotional charge.

In this way, these artworks are both a record of fleeting instants in time and a lyrical testament to seeing “the world in a grain of sand.”

The Study    •    The Short Story    •    The Novella