Painting with Crazed Light: Caustic Optimism

Against all the uncertainty and turmoil of life, it’s the persistence of everyday marvel that grabs me. A technique I devised, using a simple phone camera and warped-glass object, enables me to harness unpredictability with intent.

In 2019 I began an unusual project, harnessing distorted light (caustic optics in physics) to abstract rich, painterly and always unexpected compositions and colour from banal settings.

Using crazed light as both material and subject, I’m able to “see less in order to see more” and to create works that have the dynamism and complexity of abstract paintings.

The results of this unique (and no-Photoshopping) approach reveal a wealth of “there there”—marvel in every moment. I call this project Caustic Optimism.

The Study    •    The Short Story    •    The Novella